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IE8 tween/morph clip:rect breaks

Reported by versatil | May 23rd, 2011 @ 12:20 AM

Some notes first:
-I looked through the tickets and this might be related to another but I cannot tell. -I am using IE Tester, not the actual IE8, so I don't know if this duplicates in the original (I'm using a virtual machine for IE6 and am using IE9 on this machine) -I may not be using clip: rect as it is meant to be used with tween/morph, however, it still seems to just work in every other browser including IE6,7, and 9.

Here is a JS Fiddle I set up to demonstrate:

setStyle works
setStyles works
tween breaks (in IE8 of IETester)
morph also breaks.

Couldn't figure out where it's going wrong, but instead of returning the full value ("rect(...)") it is returning everything prior to the first space, if you make the clip value comma-based, i.e. "rect(#px,#px,#px,#px)" then I am not sure what goes on but it runs through setting the style many times.

My apologies in advance if I'm doing something wrong here or otherwise have wasted your time, just seems to be a bug to me so I'm reporting it.

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