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Add Google Chrome, IE8 detection

Reported by VirtuosiMedia | September 16th, 2008 @ 10:53 PM | in 1.3.0 rc2 (closed)

Google Chrome and IE8 should be added to the Browser Engine Hash.

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  • Jan Kassens

    Jan Kassens September 16th, 2008 @ 11:21 PM

    • State changed from “new” to “invalid”

    chrome is webkit (already included). beta browsers like ie8 are not supported.

  • VirtuosiMedia

    VirtuosiMedia September 17th, 2008 @ 05:10 AM

    • Tag set to 1.2, core

    From my understanding, Chrome has a different JavaScript engine but uses the webkit renderer.

    I've run into one issue where the two act just a little differently, with Chrome not functioning correctly. I filed an error report with Google, but it would be nice to be able to target it specifically, even if most of the time it works the same as webkit. I know Chrome is still a beta as well, but Google seems to keep some projects in perpetual beta, so that might be worth considering.

    As for IE8, the final version is supposed to come out in November. Not knowing exactly when the next versions of Mootools will be out, I thought it might be nice to have that included being as IE8 and Mootools 1.21 may be right around the same time and it might be a while before Mootools 1.3 comes out.

  • Daniel Steigerwald

    Daniel Steigerwald September 17th, 2008 @ 10:47 AM

    Presto should be renamed from 925 to 92x or 92

  • Jan Kassens

    Jan Kassens September 17th, 2008 @ 02:25 PM

    yep, chrome chrome uses a different js engine, but i'm not aware of any differences.

    IE8 will be added when it's done. (We want to release more often in the future).

  • csuwldcat

    csuwldcat September 27th, 2008 @ 07:12 PM

    • Tag cleared.

    I would add it anyway IMHO, you never know what the all-seeing Goog will put in there that requires browser detection! :) David Walsh posted this and it looks pretty simple, maybe use it?

  • csuwldcat

    csuwldcat September 27th, 2008 @ 07:15 PM

    Shit, what is that Tag Cleared garbage. This app always seems to sneak in some unintended actions at times! Sorry guys, didn't even mess with the tagging of this at all!

  • Jan Kassens

    Jan Kassens September 27th, 2008 @ 07:34 PM

    Again, the engine is webkit -> we already have this detection

    The JS engine doesn't make a difference between safari and chrome (only speed wise), or at least I dont know any and all mootools specs passed.

    So its like Firefox and Flock, both use gecko.

    PS: the tag cleared thing is that if only tags are changed they wont appear in the 'ticket change history' and will be added to the next comment on that ticket.

  • Chris the Developer

    Chris the Developer September 30th, 2008 @ 07:41 AM

    What if you wanted to gracefully improve animation specific things like fps/duration, and only wanted these improvements considered for chrome? I think, by virtue of the fact that MooTools is a JavaScript framework, it should differentiate between javascript engines[/browsers].

  • Brenton

    Brenton January 3rd, 2009 @ 07:50 AM

    • Assigned user changed from “Valerio” to “Jan Kassens”

    I have an issue right now where every browser but Safari is tweening properly. This includes Chrome. It would definitely be nice if Chrome and Safari were distinguishable. They use entirely different JS engines, and as anyone who beta tested Chrome can tell you, there's a lot more than just speed that's affected - plenty of bugs only appear in one or the other.

    As far as IE 8, I can certainly understand the reluctance to mess with beta browsers. That said, being able to distinguish IE 6/7/8 is much more useful than 4/5 at this point. Browser.Engine.version returns 5 for all of them.

  • Fábio M. Costa

    Fábio M. Costa January 3rd, 2009 @ 03:05 PM

    as he said ie8 detection will be supported when it becomes a non beta browser. the version variable is from the engine, so ie6 haves trident version 4 and ie7 and ie8 haves trident version 5, AFAIK. I think that when ie8 final version is released mootools team will make a ie8 detection.

  • sidonaldson

    sidonaldson January 26th, 2009 @ 01:47 PM

    • Assigned user cleared.

    i can also confirm chrome/safari perform differently.

    i found the only difference is that chrome needs slightly longer before dom objects can be manipulated once added.

    A brief example:

    adding a div to the DOM, left aligned, then:

    setStyle('left', -getWidth())

    to hide a portion.

    Webkit requires a slight delay between adding the div and being able to get the width and move the right amount.

    safari 5ms chrome 14ms.

    without detecting browser safari flashes the div.

    I'm sure there will be others.

    Many thanks

  • Daniel Steigerwald

    Daniel Steigerwald February 18th, 2009 @ 08:32 PM

    I just want to say, that chrome behave differently also for DOM. For example tabindex which make regular elements focusable, doesn't work in safari, but works in chrome, even chrome user-agent shows lower AppleWebKit version number! Also.. that feature works well in Webkit nightly. Webkit nightly shows same version Safari version (in user agent) like last safari from Apple site. To distinguish AppleWebKit property has to be used.

  • Paul Spencer

    Paul Spencer March 31st, 2009 @ 07:18 PM

    so now IE 8 is out, does anyone know what the detection mechanism will be?

  • csuwldcat

    csuwldcat August 13th, 2009 @ 05:00 PM

    • Assigned user set to “Aaron Newton”
    • Tag set to detection, ie8, position

    Variance in the position of targeted elements between IE7 and 8 is occurring when using the Mootools More Position Element plug-in. IE8 detection in this case is crucial for pixel-perfect display across browser versions, please advise.

  • Scott Kyle

    Scott Kyle August 13th, 2009 @ 10:27 PM

    • Assigned user changed from “Aaron Newton” to “Scott Kyle”
    • State changed from “invalid” to “open”

    MooTools 2.0 is switching to user agent detection. That includes Chrome and IE8. As for Element Position with IE8 in -more, please file that as a separate bug under -more. Thanks!

  • csuwldcat

    csuwldcat August 13th, 2009 @ 10:49 PM

    It isn't really a Position plug-in bug, I was positioning triangle Unicode characters and IE8 was not rendering the line-height in the same way as other IE versions. I only meant to say that it occurred while testing the Position plug-in, not necessarily that it was the position plug-in that was errant in its function.

  • Fábio M. Costa

    Fábio M. Costa April 5th, 2010 @ 12:08 AM

    • Milestone changed from 2.0 to 1.3.0 rc2
    • State changed from “open” to “resolved”

    Fixed on 1.3, returns true on chrome and and Browser.ie8 returns true on IE8.
    Browser.Engine will still be there if built with the compatibility layer.

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