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Drag.move checkAgainst not accurate enough

Reported by SchizoDuckie | November 30th, 2008 @ 05:20 PM

I'm working on some hefty drag&drop stuff and bumped into the limits of the current checkAgainst function.

If there's nesting in the droppables (e.g. you can drop the target inside an element that accepts drops) the first target is taken instead of the most accurate one.

I created a fix:

checkAgainst: function(el){
		el = el.getCoordinates();
		var now =;
		return (now.x > el.left && now.x < el.right && now.y < el.bottom && now.y >;

	sort: function(el1, el2)
		coord1 = el1.getCoordinates();
		coord2 = el2.getCoordinates();
		var now =;
		return ({x: now.x - coord1.left,y: now.y -} > {x: now.x - coord2.left,y: now.y -});

	checkDroppables: function(){
		var overed = this.droppables.filter(this.checkAgainst, this);
		overed = (overed.length > 1) ? overed.sort(this.sort.bind(this))[0] : overed[0];

		if (this.overed != overed){
			if (this.overed) this.fireEvent('leave', [this.element, this.overed]);
			if (overed){
				this.overed = overed;
				this.fireEvent('enter', [this.element, overed]);
			} else {
				this.overed = null;

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