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Element.match w/ complex selector support

Reported by mattcoz | January 26th, 2009 @ 08:23 PM | in 2.0 (closed)

Element.match has a distinct flaw in that it can not match against complex selectors. So if you want to match an element against "div > a" it would not work. This was causing problems for me when I was writing some event delegation code, so I took a stab at fixing it.

Selectors.RegExps.matcher = /(.*[^\s>+~])\s*([\s>+~](?![^\[]*\]))\s*([^\s>+~].*)/;
Selectors.Cache.matcher = {};
    match: function(selector){
        if (!selector || (selector == this)) return true;
        var selectors = Selectors.Cache.matcher[selector];
        if (selectors === undefined) selectors = (Selectors.Cache.matcher[selector] = Selectors.RegExps.matcher.exec(selector));
        if (selectors) selector = selectors[3];
        var tagid = Selectors.Utils.parseTagAndID(selector);
        var tag = tagid[0], id = tagid[1];
        if (!Selectors.Filters.byID(this, id) || !Selectors.Filters.byTag(this, tag)) return false;
        var parsed = Selectors.Utils.parseSelector(selector);
        var match = (!parsed || Selectors.Utils.filter(this, parsed, {})) ? this : null;
        if (match && selectors) switch(selectors[2]) {
            case ' ': match = Element.getParent(match, selectors[1]); break;
            case '>': match = Element.getParent(match); if (!Element.match(match, selectors[1])) match = null; break;
            case '+': match = Element.getPrevious(match); if (!Element.match(match, selectors[1])) match = null; break;
            case '~': match = Element.getPrevious(match, selectors[1]); break;
        return !!match;

What this code does is parse the complex selector(caching the result) and run recursively through each part. If it is not a complex selector, it behaves exactly the same as before. I've tested it thoroughly and it works across every selector and situation I've thrown at it.

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