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Faster complex selector matching

Reported by mattcoz | July 18th, 2010 @ 06:40 PM | in 1.4.0 (closed)

Currently in Slick you're doing a brute force search of the document to find if the element matches the selector, this can be very slow. By leveraging the Slick parser's reverse function, we can speed this up quite a bit.

local.matchNode = function(node, selector){
    var parsed = ((selector.Slick) ? selector : this.Slick.parse(selector));
    if (!parsed) return true;
    var expressions = parsed.expressions, reversedExpressions;
        for (i = 0; (currentExpression = expressions[i]); i++){
            if(currentExpression.length == 1){
                var exp = currentExpression[0];
                if(this.matchSelector(node, (this.isXMLDocument) ? exp.tag : exp.tag.toUpperCase(),, return true;
        for (i = 0; (currentExpression = expressions[i]); i++){
            if(currentExpression.length > 1){
                reversedExpressions = reversedExpressions || parsed.reverse().expressions;
                currentExpression = reversedExpressions[i];
                var exp = currentExpression.shift();
                if(this.matchSelector(node, (this.isXMLDocument) ? exp.tag : exp.tag.toUpperCase(),,{
                    if(!!, { Slick: true, expressions: [ currentExpression ] }, null, true)) return true;
        return false;

It's actually not quite as fast as some previous code I submitted(#574), but that no longer works with Slick.

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